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Render of the modern square pavilion installation from the Netherlands for the Expo 2020 Dubai with transparent front facade.

TECHNOLOGY   |   Carolyn Feinstein   |   July 12, 2020

Dutch Biotope Pavilion - Solar Art

July 12, 2020

Marjan van Aubel's wants to change our relationship with solar energy. Her design for flexible, tinted solar panels for the Dutch Biotope Pavilion, have proven once again that innovation can be beautiful.

Two people sitting cross legged in gyan mudra position signifying the power of proper architectural design of a meditation room in your new home.

INTERIOR DESIGN   |   Carolyn Feinstein   |   July 08, 2020

Designing a Meditation and Yoga Room

July 08, 2020

Don't cheat yourself out of your personal oasis. Work with your architect to design your meditation and yoga room when you are laying out the floor plans so you can capture a calming environment and natural light.

Marty McFly running up the driveway of the 3-story arts and crafts style Gamble House, used as the set for the home of Doc Brown in Back to the Future

ARCHITECTURE   |   Carolyn Feinstein   |   July 03, 2020

Marty McFly's Architectural Significance

July 03, 2020

On the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future, we take a closer look at the architecture of the homes Marty McFly ran to and from in such a hurry while Huey Lewis blasted in the background.

Evening photo of The Broad, contemporary art museum in Los Angeles, with a sculpted glass fiber reinforced concrete exterior

Cement Just Got A Makeover

A new ASTM standard clarifies how we can make cement safer and stronger with recycled glass.

Tiny houses set atop red toy blocks with the letters HOA

HOA - Friend Or Foe?

Homeowners associations play a vital role, but can impact the creativity of an architect's design.

A modern passive house with slatted sun shades, black solar roof tiles, wood siding, and a metal overhang to shade the sliding glass door.

Passive House Design

Forget that big furnace. Passive houses keep your house comfortable and save you money.

An array of solar panels at a Lincoln Electric facility in Lincoln, Nebraska under a blue sky with wispy white clouds

Indiana Embraces Mega Solar Park

Developers in Indiana are moving forward on the state's largest solar park

Architect in a gray shirt hand drawing building plans for a railing and staircase on a roll of paper with a ruler

ABI Score For May 2020 Is Still Bleak

The ABI Score for May 2020 reflects a mild rise in billings, but the sector remains in a rut.

The Griffith Observatory behind the Batman logo, signifying Griffith Park's acquisition of the land where the 1960's TV series was filmed

Griffith Park Acquires Batman's Lair

Griffith Park, in Los Angeles, home to the famed Hollywood sign, adds the Bronson Caves to its land.