Being able to visualize the layout of a property is not an easy task for the average person. What is even more difficult, is for a buyer to remember the layout after visiting multiple properties. By providing our floor plans to your audience, you can ensure that the layout of your property is easily understood and never forgotten.

From leasing agents enhancing their property's image, to homeowners getting ready for their next remodel, to real estate agents looking to provide a detailed overview for their potential buyers, JCA Design Group has a variety of floor plan options.

Using industry-leading CAD software, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our measurements, taking into account every aspect of the structure, including often overlooked details such as wall thickness and window dimensions.

Our 2D floor plans range from a basic layout of your property, all the way to permit office ready architectural dimensioning of every detail. Our 3D floor plans are designed with your fixtures, finishes and furnishings, making the end result a direct representation of your property.

We begin by reviewing your goals for the floor plan and assist you with choosing the correct package for your needs. From there, we will schedule a time to take interior measurements of the property, and begin crafting your custom floor plan. Once everything has been completed, we will deliver your floor plan in high-resolution PDF format via email.